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Hey people I am back , I got another story for you. See I am telling the world this because I want everyone to know that my aunt sucks at cooking. Okay this is the same aunt who makes koolaid cake and friend cookies. Ok we have just had a family gathering this Saturday , ok , it was pot luck , there was food drinks liquor the works. Everyone would be fed. Now of course we have to invite my aunt , we do not hate her , we just hate her cooking. We tell her all the time , just bring stuff you do not have to cook , like paper plates , cups , chips , and sodas. She will do what she is told , but for some reason she wishes to make a dish , that she believes that everyone is going to like. She decided to try and have us whacked by trying to force feed us to eat sweet potato salad.  When I heard that she bought something , I had to go and see what color it was this time. It was like , I do not know , like some sort or stuff. She made it like it was regular potato salad , only with sweet potato’s. Sick. I quickly separated it from the other food , in fear that it would either attack the food or spoil it. You never know. The shit could be alive. You what is funny , she wont even eat the food that she creates in her laboratory. I think she is a mad scientist when it comes to cooking. Looking to wreak havoc on those who can cook and enjoy good food. I swear she is trying to bump us off. You got to love her though , that is my aunt , she does mean well. Someone has got to tell her to stop cooking shit! No one can , she is older and I think it would break her heart. So this is why I have this little blog about her. So I can vent about her bad ass cooking. I would never say it to her face. God that food , is gross! Anyway enough already. Tune in next time , I promise you she is going to cook something again and I am going to tell you all about it in great detail. Promise. Chao pa’ahora!


This what happens when you eat my aunts’ cooking. >>>>>>>>


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You know those restaurants that advertise their food and the food looks bigger than it really is. This also includes fastfood restaurants , the burgers look large and juicy. When you go to that particular fastfood place or restaurant , the food is ever so small. I think it’s false advertising! We are not going to mention the taste , yeah it looks good but that about it. For example , McDonalds is giving away the southern fried chicken sandwich. The sandwich comes with the chicken breast , pickles , and a bun. That’s it. Ok , that’s cool , what more do you expect when it’s free. Oh , I forgot to tell you , you have to buy a soda to get it free , I can deal with that. I bought one the other day. When I bit into it I knew why they were giving it away for free. Bland Bland Bland. I was not impressed. At all. I was totally disappointed. That’s ok. I will not buy it again. Now , restaurants can be a different story. Me and my aunt hangout at the Red Lobster like it’s a bar. The money you spend in there is so worth it because they give you your moneys worth. You can not eat it all in one sitting , some people can thought , me and my aunt are not one of them. We are always taking leftovers home. Always. It’s good food and it’s plenty. That I like.¬† As you can see below that was half of what I had left on my plate. I had to take home a doggy bag. I could not eat another bite. This is one of the very few restaurants that are good and gives you more for money. Of course I am sure you know this already. I live in Saint Louis Mo.¬†There are list of Saint Louis bound restaurants that are good and gives you plenty to eat. I would make the list for you , but I am to damn lazy to do it.

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