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It’s almost that time people. The end of the year and holiday fun.  Cooking also.  We await patiently for the giblet gravy , the stuffing , the cranberry sauce , you name it.  Unfortuantly this year , there will be very badly cooked dinners on both holidays.  Dry ass turkey , water flavored gravy , lumpy gravy ,  mush potatos.  What do we do about friend and family who can not cook worth a damn?  Do we shoot them?  No.  As much as we would love to , the law frowns upon such actions , so that is out of the question.  To tell them would be like killing them.  No one , not evem me , would want to be told my food sucks.  These people honestly , believe in their hearts , that they can cook. Why do they believe this?  Well , we have not told them that their culinary skills suck ass.  I think that it is time we start telling them. Pull your friend or family member to the side , or call them up , and say , “hey  I need to let you know that your food is bad , and we are not going to take it anymore.  Now , a few things can happen when you say this to them.  Let me give you an example ; you could get attacked ,  cut , a possible good cursing out , or maybe  hurt feeling.  You can not fold once you let those words slip from your mouth.  You have to stand up and be brave.  This is the price we have to pay for the right to have better food.  So what!  Let them be upset.  You’re upset every year from eating the shity food that they are serving to you.  Do you honestly want to keep taking it?  I sure as hell do not want to.  I can not take no more.  This year , I am going to tell my aunt that she can not cook this year.  She is going to ask why , and I am going to tell her that the food she cooks is horrible. I may not say it in those words , but I am going to have to say something pertaining to her bad cooking.  I can not and will not take it anymore. It has got to stop!  Excuse me , I got a little carried away. I do love her , do not get me wrong.  She had be more than good to me, but must I be forced to eat her bad food? No! That’s just how it will have to be on these holidays.  Readers , do not fret , I am going to keep you up to date on what happens.  Matter fact , I am going to let you know what goes on for the rest of the year. We will see what happens. You wont hear from me for a minute ; so do not worry , I will be back to fill you in on all that happens. Chao for now!


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