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I bet you wished you could make gravy like this , don’t you? For those of you who have tried it and it never came out right , come on ,  you know who you are.  You dred the Holiday season. You know how it always turns out , lumpy , burnt , bland , and just plain ole damn nasty. It’s to damn nasty , that it no longer looks like gravy , it becomes some brown shit that was poured on you thanksgiving turkey! It is so nasty that it ruined everything on the plate. Horrible! The what’s worse is that you try to pass off like it’s gravy and no one will notice the burnt , lumpy , oily look and taste that it has. Wrong! They know. Your family members are  just being nice to you. They do not want to hurt your feelings , because they love you. So therefore they risk their lives trying to enjoy your horrible gravy. There is hope! If you follow my instructions then your gravy can come out right.

The items you will need are a lagre measuring cup filled up complety , at least 4 cups. You should put that aside for later.  You will also need a metal wisk for stiring the gravy , and your usual seasoning that you would put in your gravy. Do not forget the salt and pepper. Use the salt and pepper to taste. All you have to do is add a little ,  taste a little. If it starts to taste salty or to peppery , STOP! Do not add any more! Last but not least you are going to need  1 1/2 cups of flour . Set that aside also.

Next you are going to need a cast iron skillet or if you do not have one any skillet will do. Set skillet aside.

Next you are going to cut up one bellpepper , one medium onion , and add 2 heaping table spoons of minced garlic. Set all aside.

Now turn stove on to a medium heat. Then add your oil.

Wait until the oil heats up. When it is nice and hot add the chopped onion , bellpeppers , and minced garlic to oil. Sautee with the metal wisk, altogether for about 3 min or until it start to sizzle.

Make sure you have your flour and water together close by so that you can get to them quickly.

Now with one hand stiring the vegetable , use the other hand to sprinkle in the flour a little at a time. Keep adding and stiring at the same time until it has a dry look to it.

Now reach get the water ready. You are going to keep stiring with the wisk as you add the water. Do not stop stiring. Add water a little at a time. Now pay attenting , because when the gravy start to thicken up add more water to it. Turn heat down to low as you are doing this also. Keep stiring  with the wisk and adding wate as needed. The wisk is for smoothing out the gravy and beating the lumps out. Keep on low for awhile and keep stiring untill you do not see any more visible lumps.

Now you have to add salt and pepper. Like I said add to taste. Do not over do it with spices.

Turn off heat and serve or pour it on what ever it is you are going to pour it on. Enjoy.

Also instead of water you can use chicken or beef broth.

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