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Have you ever cooked rice and it comes out either half done (a.k.a crunchy) , mushy , burnt , or just plain f$@#cked up , and when it does do you want to run and cry somewhere. Well neither do I , but I sure as hell feel like I want to. I hated rice! We were truly arch enemies , but  I discovered a way to make the perfect rice. Let me share this trick with you.

1. Go get some rice.

2. Get a pot.

3. Measure out 1 cup of rice.

4. Then measure out 3/4 cups of olive oil.

5. Pour olive oil into pot of rice and stir until rice is coated with the olive oil.

6. Put pot on stove and turn heat to medium.

7. Make sure you are  standing there and watching carefully because olive oil burns easily and quickly.

8. Make sure you have wooden spoon to stir rice around.

9. The rice will began to fry , when that starts , take wooden spoon and stir so that some of the rice will become brown.

At this point you can add onion , bell pepper , minced garlic , cilantro , or any other fresh herbs and vegetable that you wish to add while the rice is frying.

10. When most of the rice has become a nice golden brown , add your 2 cups of water or broth for that matter. Liquid will bubble when added , but that’s ok.

11. After adding liquids , turn heat down to low and let cook for about 15-20 minutes. Do not forget to stir every now and then so that it does not stick.

12. Serve and eat.

Just a note , cooking it this way will make your pot easier to clean. The olive oil soaks into the pot , so there for it wont stick as bad. If there is some sticking just add some hot or warm water and let sit for awhile. Then wash. You should be good to go.


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